Saturday, March 24, 2012

My name is Memphis. Well at least it is today. See I have had many names in my life. Somehow, I ended up at the local animal shelter. A family came into adopt me, but then we found out I was heartworm positive. So they did not adopt me. But luckily, I got to come into KAR as a foster dog. It was a long painful treatment to get rid of my heart worms, but then I was good to go. I realized then that my new name was Kiwi. Kinda funny sounding, but i was well taken care of. I was happy to live with other dogs, play with kids, and have daily walks. Some nice people came and took me to their home. They called me Memphis. I got lots of snuggle time and lived a good year. But then, my dad lost his job, and they decided they could not take care of me anymore. So now, I am headed back to my foster home. It's a fun place, but it's a stepping stone for me. I so want a place to call my forever home. So today my name is Memphis, and I would love to meet you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sadie here. Boy do I have a funny for you. I was playing with my fosters out in the yard and this is what happened...the ring got stuck on my neck!

Catch you later...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Never wake a sleeping puppy

Shhh...we are sleeping so peacefully. We are almost 8 weeks old and still sleep alot. Our names are Reesa (brindle girl), Katie (boxer girl), and Stewie (black lab boy). We have been in our foster home just over a week and will be ready for our new homes in about two weeks.

Well hello there. We finally have our eyes and ears open so we can see and hear all of the interesting things around us. We love to wrestle, play, and snuggle with our Momma, Trina. We may only be three weeks old but our foster mom says we are big. All we know is that our foster mom is big. ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Happy Ever After Tail for Two

A couple lost their beloved 17-year-old cat in January 2011. They desired feline companionship and set out to find two sisters from the same litter. Their search included a visit to the KAR website where they saw four sibling kittens they made arrangements to meet, on Valentine's Day. When foster mom, Heather, opened the front door, three kittens (one had been adopted) bounded over to greet them.

The visitors had brought a sparkly ball with them. The ball was gently tossed across the living room and all three kittens went after it, having a marvelous time. The couple were enamored with the kittens and expressed desire to adopt the two sisters. They were overjoyed to find out that the girls could go home with them that night. Fortunately, they had brought a cat carrier with them, just in case.

According to Luna and Willow's new mom, the girls have brought much joy and delight into their home. "And they play fetch! Both kitties, from the very first night with us, showed us that they not only KNEW how to play fetch, they would DEMAND that we throw the sparkly ball for them! It's now a ritual almost every morning, when I go downstairs for my breakfast, I have to spend some time playing fetch with the kitties."

In the photograph, "Luna is the whiter one on top, and Willow the one below. Don't let those sweet faces fool you, they're thinking of something naughty to do I'm sure!"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Happy Ever After Tail

Mackenzie came into the rescue with three siblings on a stormy night in September 2008. The kittens had been dropped off in someone's front yard when they were about four-weeks old. They never would have survived the night had they not found refuge in a KAR foster home. This fortunate feline was adopted into a loving home in January 2009. They sent Mackenzie's foster mom an update this past summer.

"Thank you for allowing me to adopt Mackenzie. I love her so much." When she first came home she was slowly accepted by the other cats and my dog. Since then, Mackenzie and my male cat, Snitz, chase each other all over the house and I laugh and laugh. Every day brings something new and there is not a day that goes by that I'm not laughing at what the animals are doing and their silly antics.

"Thank you so much! Mackenzie has a sweet personality and she fits in perfect. What did I ever do without her?"
A Happy Ever After Tail for Two

Sonny came into the rescue last April from Animal Services. Dusty, his foster, couldn't bear the thought of this sweet dog being put down because his time was nearly up. At the end of July, she also took in another homeless canine, Abby.

Meanwhile, Shelly returned to Kalamazoo in early 2011 after spending three years working abroad. She missed having dogs so she contacted Dusty whom she had been acquainted with in the past, and who had several wonderful canines available for adoption. Here is how two little dogs found a very special FURever home.

"I went for 'just a visit' one Saturday afternoon. I immediately fell in love with both Sonny and Abby. It was a hard decision; I had no intentions of coming home with two dogs but I am so happy that I did! Abby is absolutely precious and has been from the very beginning. I can't sit down anywhere without her wanting to be on my lap. I had a few issues with Sonny at first because I think he may have had a difficult time with his previous owners, but he is doing fine now. My only problem with Sonny is that as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning, he is licking my face while I want to hit 'snooze' and go back to sleep. I think it's a great testament to how a loving home with care and patience can bring out a dog's true personality.

Both dogs go to doggy day care every Monday, Wednesday and Friday where I’ve been told 'they are a hoot.'  And they often come to the office with me where they get ridiculously spoiled by my coworkers. I want to give a special thank you to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue and to Dusty for helping me to find two new companions that I love to pieces."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh hi there, Phoebe here. I usually don't like to lay this close to my foster sis Jenna, but doesn't she just look so cute when she's sleeping? 
Hey guys! Its me again...Echo!

Life was going good, I found my forever home a few weeks ago, but then sadly, my new adopter's situation changed, and he had to give me back to KAR. Well I am back in my foster home and loving it, but I do long for the day when I will find my forever home! I am pretty much the perfect pup, so come meet me today!
Shepard before

Shepard after some TLC!

Shepherd's family was moving and they could not take him, so they contacted KAR for assistance. His story really tugged at the hearts of our volunteers and a foster home was found. Shep is a 10-year old Australian Shepherd that is mostly blind. He has spent his entire life outdoors, on a chain, and received no veterinary care. Despite this predicament, his foster mom says he is the sweetest dog with the most loving disposition.

Shep came into KAR on 2/25 and he's been receiving "star" treatment including a trip to the groomers. The groomer was patient because he was so frightened by the noise the clippers made and the sound of running water for a much needed bath. The groomer persevered with the help of her assistant and they removed all of the terribly matted fur, which probably kept out mosquitoes. On 3/2 he went to the vet who confirmed his heart is good, gave him all his shots, and said he is in fine shape.

While Shep hasn't been in the rescue long, his personality is blossoming. Shepherd is so happy that he dances around when he is in the back yard of his foster home. When he comes indoors, Shep wants to be right next to his foster mom, leaning on her and giving an occasional lick to show his appreciation. The closeness means that Shepherd can receive the strokes and pets he craves -- this boy yearns to be loved.

Shepherd is a wonderful dog that doesn't bark and does well in a crate when his foster mom leaves the house. According to her, "I can't tell you how it makes me feel to know that we (KAR) have given this sweet, loving dog a chance at a better life." Don't let Shep's age stop you, senior dogs make great pets and he's a winner!