Saturday, March 24, 2012

My name is Memphis. Well at least it is today. See I have had many names in my life. Somehow, I ended up at the local animal shelter. A family came into adopt me, but then we found out I was heartworm positive. So they did not adopt me. But luckily, I got to come into KAR as a foster dog. It was a long painful treatment to get rid of my heart worms, but then I was good to go. I realized then that my new name was Kiwi. Kinda funny sounding, but i was well taken care of. I was happy to live with other dogs, play with kids, and have daily walks. Some nice people came and took me to their home. They called me Memphis. I got lots of snuggle time and lived a good year. But then, my dad lost his job, and they decided they could not take care of me anymore. So now, I am headed back to my foster home. It's a fun place, but it's a stepping stone for me. I so want a place to call my forever home. So today my name is Memphis, and I would love to meet you.

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  1. So very sad, this just breaks my heart! I hope Memphis finds a home soon! So sorry we are so far away and can not help Memphis out! We are praying he gets a go to a forever home real soon!