Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Happy Ever After Tail for Two

A couple lost their beloved 17-year-old cat in January 2011. They desired feline companionship and set out to find two sisters from the same litter. Their search included a visit to the KAR website where they saw four sibling kittens they made arrangements to meet, on Valentine's Day. When foster mom, Heather, opened the front door, three kittens (one had been adopted) bounded over to greet them.

The visitors had brought a sparkly ball with them. The ball was gently tossed across the living room and all three kittens went after it, having a marvelous time. The couple were enamored with the kittens and expressed desire to adopt the two sisters. They were overjoyed to find out that the girls could go home with them that night. Fortunately, they had brought a cat carrier with them, just in case.

According to Luna and Willow's new mom, the girls have brought much joy and delight into their home. "And they play fetch! Both kitties, from the very first night with us, showed us that they not only KNEW how to play fetch, they would DEMAND that we throw the sparkly ball for them! It's now a ritual almost every morning, when I go downstairs for my breakfast, I have to spend some time playing fetch with the kitties."

In the photograph, "Luna is the whiter one on top, and Willow the one below. Don't let those sweet faces fool you, they're thinking of something naughty to do I'm sure!"

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