Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Allegan puppy mill survivor

Zoey is one of the 354 dogs rescued from the puppy mill in Allegan county. Considering the conditions, Zoey has not let that stop her from being a happy playful puppy. She loves to play and loves to run outside and will soon make an amazing companion to some wonderful owner.

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue was able to take in 11 dogs so far from the shelter. This picture is a prime example of the resilience of a dog. What a little super star Zoey is.


  1. Congratulations Zoey on your plucky spirit and on getting a wonderful foster home with KAR! KAR foster parents are the best!!!
    Beth Schindler
    Augusta, MI

  2. Thank you KAR for your endless efforts in saving local dogs in need. Keep up the awesome work!
    Christine Mahaney

  3. What a blessing to have them all saved from a terrible life. Happy Spring to them all - to get outside and run! You are loved!