Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Happy Ever After Tail

Cabby came into the rescue the summer of 2011 when she was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan. The person who found her contacted a friend who knew a volunteer with KAR. Our foster mom thought she was an adorable little dog that would be adopted quickly. And, this is just what happened.

The fortunate pup was adopted by a loving family in September. They keep in contact with Cabby's foster mom and this is how she is doing in her forever home:

"Cabby is doing GREAT! I just can't get over what a little love she is. So affectionate, so eager to please, so sweet. We left her for about 40 minutes while we went out, and although she whimpered a little at first, she seemed to settle in okay. When when we returned, she was calm and content, even when we let her out.

Thanks again -- I really feel like it was fate for Cabby to be with us."

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